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Eco-friendly Sustainable Furniture Series


Rattan is the name of about 600 species of palms native to the regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia.  Unlike trees, rattan grows like a vine.  Various species range from several millimeters up to 5-7 cm in diameter. This kind of material is very tough and durable and can be woven into baskets or wrapped around metal frames to create different furniture.

Rattan as a material for Eco-friendly Sustainable Furniture

The processing of rattan involves peeling the skin off to be used as a weaving material.  The core is then placed under extreme heat in order to make it pliable for use in different kinds of furniture.  Rattan is a great material since it is lightweight and durable.

Rattan is very much popular due to its unique texture and design characteristic.   Wicker is a process of weaving mostly using rattan.  When rattan is wet, it is pliable and can be woven tightly together.  Afterwards, when dry, it is sealed, sanded and stained or painted different colors.

Different furniture made of rattan are chairs, tables, bar sets, mostly patio furniture mainly used outdoors since rattan gives off a sense of relaxation and airiness due to the wicker processing.

Rattan is very durable.  Besides its timeless look, it will take years and years before the material will show any sign of wear and tear.  Also, it is very environmentally friendly since the process of creating furniture made of rattan is very natural and does not use any chemical or wood treatment.

Besides being durable, rattan is very low maintenance.  Rattan furniture only require light dusting, vacuuming or wiping with a wet cloth.


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